Jane Motorcycles

Deck Jacket - Navy


The N1 deck jacket was developed in late 1943, built on the experience and lessons learned of the early war years. Made from a hard-wearing corded cotton ‘jungle cloth’ outer-shell and a warm alpaca lining.

Light olive drab, navy or khaki in color, the jacket changed little during the war years, a testament to its design. 

The jacket featured a drawstring skirt, storm cuffs and a hidden chinstrap collar. It was hip-length and the warmth of the alpaca collar gave the jacket its iconic profile.

We love the original jacket but it needed a few changes to work in our everyday life.  We took an original WWII N1 and added pockets to fit d3o armor, and we adjusted the fit.  We sourced the original fabrics that were used including the bedford cord and alpaca lining.


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