Buzz Rickson's

BUZZ RICKSON'S BLUE Loop-Wheeled Sweatshirt


Buzz Rickson's premium, vintage-style, all-cotton athletic sweatshirts are made from medium-weight, 100% cotton fabricated on 1920's-vintage loop-wheeling machines, styled with all the correct features found on the old sweatshirts, and cut to hug the body in a flattering form without bulk, just as the vintage originals did.  Limited quantities available.  Take note of these authentic vintage styling features:

• Custom manufacturing of the medium-weight, all-cotton fleece fabricated on a vintage loop-wheeling loom

• Vintage wash

• Four-needle, TUBE-Body construction with no side seams, and with lock stitch throughout

• Vee-placket neck detail

• Set-in sleeves

• Four-inch cuff and waistband

• Exact copy of the original-style rayon-on-cotton labels

• True vintage fit for flattering appearance, not a sloppy, relaxed fit with droopy shoulder seams

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