At JANE Motorcycles, we believe in a product that marries style and function, in the elegance that comes out of something that works hard and works well. With this philosophy in mind, we set out to make our one-of-a-kind JANE Riding Gloves.

We started with a meticulous search for the perfect design: something rough but practical, eye-catching in its functional understatement. Something that would fit “like a glove”, but still give the serious rider the protection, grip and performance they demand. 

We settled on a bold, no-frills approach: expertly tanned cowhide, providing the needed combination of strength and malleability of form, a powerful bonded nylon and polyester stitch, adding the elasticity of a custom, forming fit that molds seamlessly to the rider’s individual hand shape and gripping style.

Working every step of the way with master-leatherworkers in Japan, we have made this vision of effortless function a reality.

Back in Brooklyn, the gloves were extensively ride-tested by the entire JANE team. They had to perform, to be able to equally stand up to the elements and the critical eye. Versatile, durable, and carefully crafted, the gloves passed every test.

We give you comfort you can trust to take you further than just the next bend.

We’ve boiled down the classic gripping glove to its most basic elements and perfected them. What you’re left with is simple: timeless style, stunning performance.

100% Deerskin leather. 

Made in Japan

Bonded nylon, polyester stitching

Sizing runs a little small. (if you normally wear a Medium we suggest Large)

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